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Hi! My name is Jana Mahfouz, I was born and raised in Doha and I'm Qatari-Lebanese. I have a degree in Petroleum Engineering and I work full time in an oil and gas company in Doha as a Sr. Drilling and Completions Engineer.

My love for art started when I was a kid, first with drawing and sketching abstracts that then transitioned to painting. 

I'm a self taught artist and with my full time Job, I try to dedicate as much time as I can to paint, explore new techniques and improve my skills. Quarantine and Work from home during COVID helped me a lot focus on painting and develop my skills. I was able to finish around 60 paintings during lockdown and quarantine so I thought why not share my paintings with you!

I mainly focus on painting with acrylics on canvas but have been also enjoying painting with watercolor and oil. I'm very excited to share my Art Journey with you!


Feel free to email, text on the website chat or DM on Instagram if you require any additional details on any of the paintings! 

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Please allow 24 hours to reply back to emails and follow up

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